Instagram model has been DMing people’s boyfriends to see if they’ll CHEAT!!!

VIA… LADBIBLE An Instagram model has been DMing people’s boyfriends to find out whether they are cheats or not.

Paige Woolen, from Los Angeles, California, is a hit on the social media site, with over 207,000 followers.

Known for sharing racy snaps of her in her underwear, she receives quite a lot of attention from men.

And she says that she often gets messages from men who, by the looks of their profile pictures, appear to have girlfriends.

So recently the 28-year-old offered women the chance to see whether or not their partners were faithful by sliding into their DMs and seeing if they bit.

Speaking about the experiment, she said: “I had been noticing a lot of guys that DM me on my personal account had profile photos with their girlfriends.

“It got me wondering if their girlfriends know or care that they DM random girls with photos in their bikinis. I personally believe snitches get stitches but I felt like using the power of @dudesinthedm for good and helping out my female followers.

“I posted a story about DMing their boyfriends from my main account to see if they would cop to having a girlfriend or not.

“Surprisingly, most of them either didn’t answer or if they did, they said something mean or informed me they had a girlfriend.

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