Elon Musk’s New Company Is Building A Chip That’ll Let You Stream Music Direct To Your Brain..WOW!

Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims that the brain-computer interface being developed by his new startup Neuralink will be able to stream music directly into users’ brains.


In November 2019, Musk affirmed that Neuralink could “fix” issues, for example, chemical imbalance and schizophrenia. During an appearance on the Artificial Intelligence digital broadcast with Lex Fridman, Musk was asked what he accepts the most energizing impacts of his organization Neuralink’s innovation will be. Musk answered: “So Neuralink, I think from the start will explain a ton of mind related ailments. So could be anything from like chemical imbalance, schizophrenia, cognitive decline — like everybody encounters cognitive decline at specific focuses in age. Guardians can’t recall their children’s names and that sort of thing,”

Chemical imbalance isn’t an ailment that can be restored, it is a formative handicap. The UK National Autistic Society states: “Mental imbalance isn’t a sickness or malady and can’t be ‘relieved’. Regularly individuals feel being medically introverted is a key part of their character.” Similarly, schizophrenia isn’t an “infection” yet is arranged by the World Health Organization as a “serious mental issue.”

As of late, a Twitter client named Pranay Pathole asked Musk what gadget abilities could be normal, asking: “Can Neuralink be utilized to retrain the piece of the mind which is liable for causing habit or wretchedness? It’d be extraordinary if Neuralink can be utilized for something like dependence/sadness.”

Musk answered: “Without a doubt. This is both extraordinary and unnerving. All that we’ve at any point detected or thought has been electrical signs. The early universe was only a soup of quarks and leptons. How did a little bit of the universe begin to consider itself aware?”

Many have been wary of Musk’s cases, for example, etymologist and savant Noam Chomsky who addressed whether it is conceivable to impart utilizing just considerations. “Creating techniques by which in case I’m considering moving my hand, you may have the option to get the electrical signs that express he’s attempting to move his hand, that is possible,” Chomsky told the site Inverse in 2017.

He included: “Attempting to discover what I’m thinking, suppose, its absolutely impossible of creating innovation since we don’t see how to continue. The innovation… is only not even close to cutting edge enough.”

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