Washington to announce name change from Redskins…. Within Days!

The report also says that NFL teams have “been told to scrub the old racist logo off of their platforms.”

Eight days ago, the team announced they would be conducting a “thorough review” of the team’s name after mounting pressure from several prominent sponsors.

It has been reported by NBC Sports Washington and others that a new name would be coming before the kickoff of the 2020 season. The pressure was further amplified on Friday after a report indicated that FedEx would remove all signage from the team’s stadium following the 2020 season if the name was not changed. FedEx said that the current name “Redskins” would harm the image and reputation of its brand and it goes against the company’s ideals.

One NFL business expert says that attempting to create a new name and identity would be a “Herculean task.” Given the short turnaround time with the season set to start in less than two months, there would be several hurdles.

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