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Dr.Fauci & Trump Are At Odds! Says He’s WRONG!

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Thursday openly condemned Dr. Anthony Fauci, saying that one of the country’s top irresistible infection specialists “has committed a great deal of errors.”

In a meeting with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Trump was solicited what he makes from hotspots like Texas and Florida and of a portion of Fauci’s most recent remarks, however Hannity didn’t indicate which comments he was alluding to.

“Dr. Fauci is a nice man, but he makes alot of mistakes,” Trump said.

“A great deal of them said don’t wear a veil, don’t wear a cover,” the president included. “Presently they are stating wear a veil. A great deal of slip-ups were made, a ton of errors.”

Trump likewise said he hopes to be wearing a veil when he goes to Walter Reed emergency clinic on Saturday to visit injured soldiers.

In the meeting, Trump promoted, as he has over and over, the measure of coronavirus testing in the U.S., expressing that 45 million individuals have been tried. He said that most recoup rapidly.



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