Kendall Jenner went viral for the wrong reasons!

@AndruEdwards/Twitter; @monmon_jones/Twitter

Kendall Jenner said in a tweet on Saturday that a picture appearing to show her holding a Black Lives Matter poster — without a congruous shadow behind her — was “photoshopped by someone.”

The image was shared widely on Twitter after Andru Edwards, a YouTube tech personality, shared what appeared to be a screenshot from a Facebook post.

Insider could not independently verify the original source of the doctored image, but the unedited version of the picture was taken in November.

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Kendall Jenner denied involvement in what she called a “photoshopped” version of an old picture of her that stirred controversy online.

The image showed Jenner wearing a black mask and holding a cardboard sign that said “Black Lives Matter.” But her shadow on the concrete indicated that the sign had been edited into the picture and wasn’t actually there in real life.

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