Stephen Jackson says the NFL owes Colin Kaepernick an APOLOGY!

Previous NBA player Stephen Jackson is taking a stand in opposition to NFL official Roger Goodell’s ongoing explanation with respect to the present fights against police mercilessness.

The announcement was given in light of the murdering of George Floyd, who kicked the bucket after a Minneapolis cop stooped on his neck on May 25.

Jackson 42, grew up with Floyd in Houston, Texas, and the pair was near such an extent that they called each other “twin.”

Goodell’s announcement, which agreed with the individuals who are dissenting, immediately accumulated discussion on the web. Jackson disclosed to ESPN he saw it as “phony” and referenced previous NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who started quiet fights during the preseason in 2016 by stooping during the national song of devotion.

Reaction from his fights — which began the #TakeAKnee Movement — prompted Kapernick leaving the 49ers a couple of months after the fact in March 2017, and he has not played in the NFL since, staying a free specialist.


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