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Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison updated Wednesday the homicide the charge against one previous Minneapolis official and gave capture warrants for three others in the passing of George Floyd, a case that has touched off mass racial-equity fights and fierce revolting across the country.

An exhaustive round of questioning homicide allegation documented Friday against Derek Michael Chauvin was supplanted with a check of second-degree murder.

The other previous officials — J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao — each deal with indictments of helping and abetting second-degree murder and homicide.

The second-degree murder accusation conveys a greatest punishment of 40 years in jail.

“I need in any case an update and that is, we’re here today since George Floyd isn’t here,” Mr. Ellison said at a question and answer session. “He ought to be here. He ought to be alive. Be that as it may, he’s most certainly not. Nine days back, the world watched Floyd express his absolute final words, ‘I can’t inhale,’ as he argued for his life.”

Floyd family lawyer Benjamin Crump, who had pushed for first-degree murder accusations against Mr. Chavin, said in an explanation that Mr. Ellison has held out the chance of updating the homicide allegation again as the examination proceeds.

“Lawyer General Ellison has educated the family that his office will proceed to research and will update the charges to first-degree murder if the proof backings it,” Mr. Crump said in an announcement.

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