JR Smith Caught A Man Breaking Into His Truck

NBA star JR Smith said he beat up a man who purportedly broke a window on his truck while it sat left on a private road in Los Angeles.

TMZ posted film of the supposed episode, which apparently shows Smith pounding the man close to his truck before Smith’s companions step in to pull him away. Smith, 34, is seen kicking and punching the unidentified man a few times before he flees.

The occurrence occurred in the Fairfax region, a short good ways from where demonstrators were get-together to fight the passing of George Floyd.

“This is a local location. There wasn’t any stores here,” Smith said in the video. “I pursued him down and challenged his rear end. This ain’t no loathe wrongdoing. I ain’t got no issue with anyone. … He didn’t have the foggiest idea about whose window he broke and he got his rear end challenged.”

Smith, who played 15 seasons in the NBA, didn’t play this season in the wake of going unsigned. The fight comes one day after Smith was seen riding bikes in L.A. with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Jordan Clarkson and sports specialist Rich Paul.

The next day, Smith said Monday on the “Pat McAfee Show” that he laments his activities.

“It was only an irregular demonstration of idiocy, and I give him that,” Smith said of the supposed vandal, as indicated by TMZ. “In any case, that ass challenging was an irregular demonstration of ineptitude for my sake.”

He included: “I’m despite everything baffled with myself.”

“For me, I’m 34 years of age. I have 4 young ladies at home. I don’t need that picture, paying little heed to the reality whether it was correct or wrong, I don’t need them to have that picture of their father being able to do, accomplishing something to that effect.”

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